The convergence will take place at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest conference center and outdoor classroom, located about 30 miles northeast of Missoula, Montana in the Blackfoot River drainage. For direction to the site from Missoula, click here. For more detailed information on the site, click here. You can purchase airplane tickets to the Missoula International Airport, about fifteen minutes outside of town. Let us know when you’re coming and if you’ll need a ride.

Food and Housing:

We will be providing three nutritious meal per day for the duration of the conference (including dinner on Friday evening), with the help of our friends from the Seeds of Peace Collective. If you have any special dietary needs or requests, please let us know on your registration form, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Housing will be provided on-site for all registered attendees. You will be sharing a wood-heated log cabin or boxcar with 2-4 others. There are beds in the boxcars, but to provide enough space for everyone someone will have to sleep on the floor. Please bring a sleeping pad as well as a sleeping bag.  Housing assignments will be given when you get to camp. There should be at least one person per group that knows how to safely use a wood burning stove.

Although most, if not all, of the convergence activities will take place in-doors, November in Western Montana can be very cold, so please come prepared. Bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm cloths, headlamp, notebook, and anything else you might need to stay warm and participate in the convergence fully.


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