To register for the summit, please fill out this form and click “done.”


The summit is free and open to the public, but due to limited space we will have to cap the number of attendees. Because of the nature of the event, we will be giving priority to organizers and representatives from tar sands-impacted areas, particularly those from indigenous/First Nations communities. However, we have reserved a place in the summit for general attendees, so even though you may not represent an organization we enthusiastically encourage you to register for the camp regardless. Also, there will be a variety of opportunities for those who are not able to attend the full summit to participate and engage with the process. On the 21st and 22nd, we will be hosting two evening public presentations in Missoula, and are also working on ways to integrate public participation into the summit itself. We will let you know as soon as possible that we have received your registration submission, and will confirm your attendance at the summit shortly thereafter.


Also, if you need a ride to the summit, or can offer one, let the word know by making a post on our ride share board.


4 Responses to Register!

  1. Carol Marsh says:

    I’m 68 and a retired journalist, also a grandmother. I’ve got a lot of free time. I’ve been an activist since Vietnam, and have gone to jail a few times. I’m convinced (by Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Jared Diamond and Dr. James Hansen) that nothing is more important than trying to slow, stop and reverse global warming, whatever it takes. I appreciate the work you’re doing, and think you should probably prioritize younger people for your conference, but I’ll come to whatever I can of your program, and help however I can.

  2. My husband Linwood Laughy and I are sorry to say we won’t be able to attend the summit, but over the past 7 months of resisting the tar sands equipment shipments of Imperial Oil and other oil companies along U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho, we have come to understand the link between our fight and the oil sands fight. We stand with the resisters of both!

    • Marty Cobenais says:

      Borg and Lin, it is too bad the two of you couldn’t attend this event. I so enjoyed my visit with you in your lovely home. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do in this fight.

  3. Oemissions says:

    great!!! International too!
    Canada needs help!

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