The final schedule for the convergence is still in the works, and will be posted shortly. Here is a rough, day-by-day outline of what to expect:

Friday, November 19
  • Framing the Convergence

Saturday, November 20

  • Morning Circle/Orientation
  • Working with Impacted Communities/How to be a Cultural Ally
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Civil Disobedience (NVDA)
  • Organizing for Power, Organizing to Win
  • Engaging with Public Policy
  • Stories of Struggle

Sunday, November 21

  • Media 101
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Creative Resistance/Narrative Protest
  • Strategizing Session 1 (Messaging)
  • Blockades and Lockdowns 101
  • Affinity Groups 101
  • Organizing in Rural Communities
  • Keynote Speaker (public event in Missoula)

Monday, November 22

  • Know Your Rights, Getting Arrested, Jail Solidarity, Security Culture
  • Facilitation and Consensus
  • Indian Sovereignty / Cultural Preservation
  • Strategizing Session 2 (International Campaign Coordination)
  • Visual Protest/Banner-making
  • Strategizing Session 3 (Effective Actions)
  • Litigation/Legal Process 101
  • Action Planning / Closing Circle
  • Speaker/Panel Discussion (public event in Missoula)

Tuesday, November 23

  • Day of Action!


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